Anonymous asked: It breaks my heart in a way I could never explain to pretend a majority of my body doesn't exist when I have sex with my partner of years and years. He loves me, and I love him, and he tells me I'm beautiful all the time, but to have the same parts of my body that are ridiculed in public on a daily basis ignored, left untouched, and worked around in the privacy of my bedroom by the one man who's ever loved me kills me. I want to feel whole just one time.I'm sorry, I didn't know who else to tell.

No, don’t be sorry at all! You have nothing to be sorry for, but please share these thoughts with your partner, and maybe link him to this blog and Adipositivity. If he’s loved you for years and years he isn’t repulsed by your body, and should be well used to it. For all you know he’s afraid of focusing on your fatty bits because he thinks it would offend you or make you self-conscious. It’s great that you told me, please try to work up the courage to confide this to him too. Take baby steps and there’s a good chance he’ll grow to incorporate contact with the majority of your body into his natural physical responses. If it deeply depresses you, you might want to consider talking to a body image specialist or sex therapist as well, but I highly doubt it would take more than some cuddly conversations and educational Googling to get him on the same page as you here.

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