Anonymous asked: i said to myself, "what if what this amazing man is telling me is true? what if he loves all of me and sees me as beautiful the way i am?" i dropped my defensiveness and paranoia. afterward, our relationship improved to a great extent. we have our trials as any couple does - but had i never found your tumblr and realized he didn't have to be a liar, i may not have had the opportunity to continue to date him and finally marry him. so this isn't really an ask - but i had to share. cont

Oops, I guess I separated this from some long-lost thing awhile ago. Either way it helps my existence to know my hunch that this thing could be a good idea has actually affected anyone’s real life for the better in any way. Being an FA isn’t a gift in itself but I’m happy if my bluntness helps convince whoever to feel better in their skin. It sucks you needed me but I mean, it sucks that cancer and child slavery exist.

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