Anonymous asked: Why i get so turned on when a boy rubs my belly? And why do you like to do that?

think the answer to both is because it feels good


Anonymous asked: (cont) I'm a recovered bulimic and the urges get stronger every day. Plus crippling depression and agoraphobia. Everything else is perfect with him, I just miss feeling desired because I haven't in a longgg time. I feel so disgusting and worthless.

Dump the boyfriend. Everything else is perfect with him? There’s your best friend. You need to date someone who desires you sexually, and if you feel disgusting and worthless and he doesn’t ever initiate or request to see or feel your naked body for two years, it’s time to move on. While it’s somewhat of a journey finding men who appreciate bigger girls (getting easier every day thanks to online expediency), it’s definitely not difficult to find men who fap to more than just “extremely skinny women,” and less difficult to find someone who won’t trigger your mental health issues. You should also seek out regular therapy if you haven’t already.

It also might not be the worst thing in the world to wait on dating someone at all until you no longer feel your depression and agoraphobia are crippling. But being in your current situation has convinced you that you are worthless, and you’re likely only clinging to him out of fear. Learning to be single is one of the most important things I had to teach myself after a three-year relationship went to shit, and it can be both fun and empowering. Being alone isn’t so terrifying, and you and only you get to control what you’re exposed to, i.e. not having to connect super-skinny women with desirability all the time.

I wouldn’t normally advise someone to break up based on the porn their boyfriend watches. But in your case, the sexual relationship sounds incredibly one-sided: you’re more aware of his porn preferences than where your next intimate touch is coming from. He’s not initiating, and two years have only convinced you he’s less and less attracted to you. Spare yourself further misery and take the first step by declaring independence, then working on yourself for some time, while meeting guys and strengthening some friendships and keeping people in the back of your mind for future romantic possibilities after you’ve discarded some of the emotional deadweight in therapy.


Anonymous asked: 110% of what my boyfriend faps to is extremely skinny women. He never tries to get me topless. Ever. He never initiates if I don't. I love him more than life itself, but two years of this is starting to reeeeally hurt me mentally because (more next)



Anonymous asked: What's your facebook name? Please link it! C:



Anonymous asked: Do you like that a girl have streck marks?

Usually the case

the very hungry caterpillar is way cuter than that bullshit butterfly


gra-alainn asked: In your article that first published like awhile ago there were questions that were asked and you answered them. I was wondering if you could explain what you meant by this one. "Dear Askaguywholikesfatchicks: Is this because you think you can’t do any better? —BBB Yes, but not in the way you’re thinking."

I always kind of wondered if that one was misinterpreted. I can’t do any better than fat girls because fat girls are the best to me. It wasn’t my cleverest. And I’ve since come to appreciate smaller girls as well.


I am absolutely fucking honored to have been invited by Jill Mapes to  write about the song “Asking for It” for Flavorwire's celebration of the 20th anniversary of Hole's Live Through This, one of my favorite albums of all time, and humbled to be in the company of some of my favorite writers and MUSICIANS: Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, Maura Johnston, Daphne Carr, Lindsay Zoladz, Judy Berman, Tyler Coates Tom Hawking, Mish from White Lung, Bree from Tacocat and Julia from The Coathangers.


Anonymous asked: hey, has anyone else had the problem of asking this blog questions anonymously (or so you THOUGHT), and having your name posted anyway? i swear that's happened to me twice with this blog but never with any other blog. conspiracy?? I'm going to check anon on this ask and see what happens...

This is my bad: a couple months ago I briefly installed a de-anonymizer script because I think it’s the best idea in the world…until I realized that makes sense for every blog except mine. A couple questions went through that were accidentally de-anon’d before I got the script fully removed. Lately a couple people have sent in questions that were apparently supposed to be anonymous, but as you can see from this test post, I don’t think that issue is on my end anymore. Apologies to anyone who this affected, though I don’t remember any particularly damning or personal ones that went through during that brief experiment where I actually published.

For people who don’t write advice blogs on Tumblr though, which is most of you, I definitely recommend getting some code that tricks your asks into thinking they’re anon. And many of you don’t need the option to allow anon asks at all. With my blog it’s pretty essential though, and I realized this immediately.


lustydovakiin asked: Can you promote this chunky girls blog?I'm a huge fan!